The Helsinki Gay Theatre

Helsingin Gayteatteriyhdistys ry:n nettisivuista englanniksi kääntänyt 16.2.2016 Timja Shemeikka.


The Helsinki Gay Theatre Association was established autumn 2007. The purpose of the HGT association is to support the theatre field of the sexual minorities, and enhance equality in the society through the art of theater performing. The productions of gayartists are popularised by the HGT association.

The HGT association doesn’t own a permanent venue, yet the location is chosen depending on the production. HGT prepares 2-3 premieres per year. The association doesn’t own regular staff. The association has been active and running for 7 years, and has 30 members. Helsinki Gay Theatre is an amateur theater, that has established its status as a major actor building the identity of the Finnish gaycommunity in Finland.



The theatre started actively working during the autumn 2006. The first play was called Sopimus (An Agreement) and it was adapted from the comic series ”Kermaleivoksia” (Cream Puffs) made by Ralf König. The play got good reviews and was largely noticed in the Finnish gaycommunity.

By the end of the summer 2007, after establishing the HGT association, the theatre started rehearsing its second production. The play ”Paljastuksia” (Exposed) was about coming-out stories and how those stories are received among one’s loved ones. ”Paljastuksia” was premiered in January 2008, and it was performed 3 times. In the summer 2008 it was performed 4 times on the stage of Takomo-teatteri during Helsinki Pride Week.

The third production was called ”Olitko Sinä? - Homomman Suomen historia” (Was it You? – The history of gay Finland) was premiered on 19th of March 2009. The twelve plays took place both in spring and summertime in Studio Krunikka.

On March 2010 a farce by Brandon Thomas, ”Charley’s Aunt” was performed.

”Viimeinen Viilto” –crime play (The Final Cut) was performed in Kokoteatteri from 19th of March ’til 4th of April in 2011.

Helsinki Gay Theatre celebrated its 5-year-old history in January 2012. During the same year, spring 2012 national premiere of ”Kun Jonkun Löytää” (Harvey Fierstein: Torch Song Trilogy) was a huge success!

In 2013, two national premieres had opening nights: ”Corpus Christi” by Terrence Mc Nally, as well as ”Viinakortti” –play (The Liquor Card) written by Sami Hilvo. On 19th of March 2014, ”Edward II” by Christopher Marlove was premiered.

In May 2014 HGT made history by touring the cities of Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä and Tampere with the ”Viinakortti”-play!

In the next autumn, Paul Rudnick’s ”Jeffrey” got its national premiere. The play was re-premiered 10 more times on spring 2015 due to public demand. The autumn 2015, ”Homokansan Lauluja” (The Songs by the Gays) was premiered.

The theatre is currently rehearsing for the upcoming Eurogames 2016 with a first ever gay nusical in Finland "The Land Of The Midnight Fun". Also, a movie performance ”Herkkupala” (The Tasty Bite) celebrating their history of 10 years, is currently in the making.




  • Being gay is good.
  • Three (or more) is a pleasure.
  • If you want something, you have to give something.
  • Onward with the gay crews!


  • Dare to take risks, eventhough it would hurt.
  • Believe in the act of doing, not necessarily the act of gods.
  • Dare to give everything you’ve got.
  • Come as you are and make a first impression yet to remember.
  • Breathe freely.
  • Speak up, you’re only telling the truth.


  • Let the light bulb be lit, burst the bubble.
  • A world without colours is not the world we know.
  • A model of ”Planned economy of 5-year-implementation” is being used.
  • No homo gathers no moss.
  • Our generations take after one another.


  • Play and laughter brings only good to the economy
  • Too much ”that good stuff” is just enough!
  • Our treasurer, Impi Pihinen, is a good gal when handling money. That’s why joy and balanced books go hand-in-hand.
  • A nickel in theatres box means the temple of Thalia is filled with cocks.


The association also organizes Kulttuurikaappi –cultural events. Without a doubt, the gay theatre has a valid need in today’s theatre field. The aim of the association is to establish its activity. The HGT Association is a member of SHT, the Finnish Union of Amateurtheatres.



Send your e-mail with a title Jäsenhakemus (Member Application) to Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.. The board will process the applications. For the season the HGT membership fee is 70 €. The deposit can be made with two payments, 35 € each.